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Cable Internet Still Tops For Customers

Cable Internet was once what people waited to have or achieve. Before the use of fiber options and television lines for Net access, computers had to connect to the Internet via the phone lines. The introduction of cable made a good impact on all who switched.

Most homes now have Internet access. The Web helps people with their business as well as their entertainment, and serves both professional and informal users. While computers still maintain the viability of the Net, phones, fax machines and hardware like e-book readers have also come to rely on the Net. It is almost as essential as electricity for some people.

It isn't a given for many people that when they're ready, they'll be able to have cable. Some parts of even the most civilized countries still can't offer broadband access. They have one option in some areas, and that is often DSL or digital subscriber lines. Although high tech providers can make big promises of high speed access, not all providers are offering broadband. Because of the remoteness, some customers have endured, they've learned to rely on things such as satellite for their television services. It's easier for them to get their Internet access from the same provider.

DSL can be restrictive. However, it does come with its own advantages over broadband. The biggest challenge that DSL users face is also its biggest draw; a DSL provider can make a promise of a certain speed, and the customer can expect that. The difficulty for other providers of other types of Net access is that although at peak times they can say they have high speeds, they can't always give the customer the speed that was promised.

Broadband providers like to talk about the high speeds they offer their customers, but they can't guarantee these speeds all the time. Because cable is so very popular, there are often areas that are congested because of how many people are accessing the Internet at one time. This slows speeds down drastically in some cases. Before anyone chooses to purchase cable as their net access, it's important to talk to people who are using it in the area in question, to find out if anyone has any speed complaints.

The bundling of services is very attractive to people who like to stick with just one service provider. Broadband companies now often offer many things a home needs, such as television, phone or land line access, and Web access. Many of the media companies who offer broadband also have begun to offer cell phone services as well, making their bundles all that more attractive.

One of the downfalls of other Internet service providers is the use of exposed or vulnerable phone lines. Customer support is very important in cases like this, as is how fast repair crews are sent out to fix lines affected by extreme weather conditions. Coax cables are typically buried in the ground and safe from weather conditions, so broadband Web access doesn't struggle as DSL might. If customers have had good experiences in the past with their providers, they're more likely to get all of their service from the same company.

Cable Internet is still competitively at the top of Internet service providers. Lines can get clogged because of this vast popularity but people have the option of checking their actual speeds and what they are being charged for. Choice is number one, rather than simply choosing a provider because someone has to. And having bundled services is the ultimate in choice, a demonstration of a customer's trust. Broadband Web users trust their providers and that says a great deal about the service.

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